A Blog in Source Control

I have been wanting to reboot my old blog, The Compiler Doesn't Care, for a while now. But that is not all. I want to start being a bit more active in the Open Source community and get familiar with GitHub.

Last time I used GitHub was when I was studying. Since then all I have used have been a private BitBucket at work, and no source control for my personal projects.

All this changes now. I have decided to do my blog posts in Markdown and store them in a private GitHub repo. This way I can practice writing in markdown (which I actually prefer anyway), force myself to actually get used to using source control on my personal stuff and start using my own GitHub repo.
All while blogging like I'm supposed to.

I don't want to go crazy, forcing my self to publish a new post every week, that just sets me up to fail. So to start out, I'm gonna set myself a goal, that should be attainable. This goal: 10 posts in my first year. Meaning one post per month, with room to miss a couple of months.
Hopefully, I will be able to post more often, but point is to not lose my motivation by failing to post a some crazy pace.

Also, I won't hold myself to as high a standard as I previously have. "Done is better than perfect" is what's going to make sure that I actually post stuff.
The point is just to post, and I will automatically get better over time. These first posts might not be the greatest, but that's okay.

This blog is mostly for myself, documenting what I read and watch in my quest to improve myself as a developer. Right now, I spend a lot of time on Pluralsight so you will probably see posts from me, summarizing takeaways from courses on there.

Not everything here will programming related; some things focus on productivity and some things might just be me geeking out on completely unrelated things like coffee or photography.

I'm pretty sure this platform allows for people to sign up and get notified when publish new posts. So you know... Go sign up!

Mikkel Secher

Mikkel Secher