About Me

I'm a Solutions Architect and a  Senior .Net developer with eight years of experience trying to save the world (and clients) from bad code and over-complicated solutions to simple problems.

Above everything I focus on writing Clean Code and well structured projects; and consider myself a part of the Software Craftsmanship movement with everything that entails.

Since 2015 I have worked at one of the biggest e-commerce houses in Denmark.
In my time there I have mainly worked on some of our biggest B2C clients such as Matas and Babysam. This has given me a deep insight into all the different parts of an e-commerce business.
In the fall of 2022 I made the move from Senior Developer to Solutions Architect, and at the same time switched companies. This has allowed me to focus even more on working with the clients on solving their problems on an even larger scale. I do still get down and dirty with code, but now I also get the time needed to understand our clients business and their customers on a very deep level - something I believe is necessary to make successful software solutions.

I love working with the client to locate pain points and issues in the business and coming up with cool technical solutions to fix or improve them.

As a Software Craftsman I strive to continually improve - the code base, my skills and the skills of my colleagues. This is combined with a love for public speaking - both technical and personal (although in a professional capacity). Most notably I held a talk at the GOTO conference in Copenhagen, speaking to the volunteers about the fears students usually experience, when looking for their first job and the attitude of a real professional.
I am comfortable on a stage, and have no problem putting my self on the spot in front a larger crowd.

The day I stop trying to improve, is the day I retire.